Referral Rewards Program

We are truly grateful for each and every customer we have the pleasure of working with. Keeping our clients lawns looking beautiful is our top priority and we are proud of the results we produce. The best way to grow a business is through quality customer service and we aim to exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Referrals have always been a key component of our success and as a thank you for getting the word out about our services we are offering a $40 referral bonus. This can be either applied as a statement credit or we will mail you a check.

Referring a friend is easy! Here are a few options:

  • Complete our referral form below with their information.
  • Pass along our referral cards we periodically leave with your application to a friend.
  • You can also provide someone with our information & your name or account number to collect the credit. Be sure they know to mention your name!
  • Once they have signed up, we will contact you to thank you & let you know you will be getting a credit!


  • Referral must be a new five application customer.
  • Statement credit will be posted for your final application of the year
  • If you choose a check, checks will be mailed out beginning on November 15th of that season.

  • Referral Webform

    Please enter the name of the person who made the referral.
    Please enter the street the existing customer lives on or their account number so we are sure to credit the correct person.
    Please enter the name of the new referral.
    If you have a preferred contact time or method please indicate it here. Otherwise you may leave this blank.